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Top 4 places to taste and enjoy in Marbella

Marbella is a cosmopolitan city with the most exquisite clientele in Europe and is therefore distinguished by its luxurious restaurants where food and atmosphere merge with its beach clubs and world-class nightclubs where, night after night, the most important DJs in the music scene take turns to offer the best music to hundreds of visitors and residents who come to celebrate life.

2021 has been a year of ups and downs in terms of leisure services, but Marbella has managed the opportunities in the face of the crisis and many venues have reinvented themselves, opened and dared to pursue the entertainment and luxury that only Marbella can offer.

Here is a list of the top 4 places to visit, enjoy and try, whether you are on holiday or living in Marbella and its surroundings:




Top 4 places to taste and enjoy in Marbella

International Mediterranean fusion cuisine is the hallmark of Marbella. World-renowned chefs have lit up their stoves in the most emblematic places in this cosmopolitan city.

The term “foodie” fits like a glove in this city, which has to offer its diners flavours from all over the world and at the same time highlight the Andalusian culture and traditions that are a focal point for those looking for an indigenous space in the middle of a cosmopolitan place. That is why it is not surprising that Marbella concentrates some Michelin stars on the Costa del Sol.

From traditional tapas bars to the most avant-garde cuisine restaurants, every gastronomic space in Marbella seeks to offer quality, luxury and sophistication in all its dishes. Here is a brief selection of Marbella’s trendiest restaurants that you should not miss.



1. Leña X Dani García

A temple of fire worship

Top 4 places to taste and enjoy in MarbellaLocated in the heart of the famous Puente Romano Resort, Michelin-starred chef Dani García has opened a temple to the cult of fire, a restaurant where meat and coals are the protagonists and which has already received a Sol from the Repsol Guide.

Leña has the concept of a steak house where different cuts are offered with international nuances but always with an eye on the product grown, raised and fished in the Andaclucía region.

Inspired by the fire, Dani García has created a restaurant based on the concept of going back to the roots, but elevating it to a luxury. Leña is a restaurant designed in wood and stone, meticulously decorated in dark colours and subdued lighting, which invites the guest to sit comfortably “among the flames”, relax and enjoy each of the carefully considered ingredients in the dishes that make up its 14-page menu.

The dining experience at Leña begins with one of their refreshingly international cocktails, where their titles transport you to great metropolises like the city of San Francisco, where sunsets over the famous Golden Gate Bridge serve as inspiration for a fruity concoction that includes orange, peach and pineapple; but the most famous is undoubtedly the Big Apple, a cocktail made with lemon sorbet, green apple juice and caramel that you won’t be able to resist posting on your Instagram.

Once you’ve sampled the menu and tried some of the starters such as sheep’s butter with leek ash or Málaga sausage with citrus, it’s time to move on to the main course, and what better way to get carried away than with espetos de carne – a nod to Málaga’s tradition – which makes the jump to Japan without leaving Marbella. There are five varieties made with chicken and a limited edition of wagyu. Finally, it’s time to put all the wood on the grill to enjoy charcoal-grilled chicken, lamb from Burgos or the very delicate pluma a la brasa ibérico marinated in koji.

Leña has a wine cellar that looks towards France and Malaga. Under the guidance of sommelier Alejandro Vázquez, the wines are one of Leña’s fundamental and perhaps unexpected arguments. Its extraordinary cellar is full of rarities, unique vintages and bottles that are not easily seen.

For dessert, the jewel in the crown is undoubtedly the Tarta di Rose, a delicious brioche with toasted butter ice cream, but once again, Leña offers the most varied options, so we leave you the opportunity (and the appetite) to try something new.

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2. Nintai

The virtue of patience on a plate

Top 4 places to taste and enjoy in Marbella12 seats and a wooden bar make up the most exclusive Japanese cuisine restaurant in Marbella. Very close to the old town and at the beginning of the Golden Mile, you can book one of these seats to go to Japan without leaving the Mediterranean.

Marcos Granda, renowned sommelier and winner of 2 Michelin stars for his gastronomic proposal Skina, delves into the world of umami after an inspiring trip to Japan, bringing with him the depths of the Japanese culinary tradition with a focus on fresh seasonal produce.

The simplicity, patience and precision of every detail typical of the Japanese tradition guides, inspires and gives a name to NINTAI where diners are guided by the skill of the itamae – or sushi master – to experience the two tasting menu options that Granda and her team offer each day.


In Japanese, the word omakase means “to trust”, “to rely on the chef”. And that’s what the two menu options that make up Nintai are all about. Thus, the Omakase menu includes four hot dishes and six sushi passes, while the Nintai menu presents six hot passes and 10 pieces of sushi. All of this is accompanied by the perfect pairing selected by Granda according to the taste of the guest and the dish in question, which could well be the most delicate sakes and exclusive champagnes.

Behind the bar is Héctor Escalona: a genius of precision and detail, obsessed with the pleasure of working and pleasing others, who transforms the preparation of sushi into a unique show of harmony, elegance and respect for the raw material and the dining room; and as maitre d’, Cristopher Manchado, who as soon as you enter the room tries to transport you to the Asian continent, guiding you through the silence, the stillness and the rhythmic dance of the restaurant.

This is undoubtedly one of the most successful gastronomic proposals of 2021 and, as you would expect, seats for lunch and dinner are booked weeks in advance. Book yours now here


3. Monkey Club

The taste of an exclusive atmosphere

Top 4 places to taste and enjoy in MarbellaThe creators of another emblematic Marbella restaurant, Casamono, are now offering an eclectic, young and different proposal in the heart of Puente Romano called Monkey Club.

The restaurant offers the perfect setting for cocktails, and the menu offers a delicious mix of fun and sophistication with a French twist. According to its creators, Clement Mokeddel and Daniela Koffman, “Monkey Club is a restaurant with its own atmosphere, character and cuisine, and this comes from a unique blend of its location and the style of dining we have created”. Its gastronomic proposal is distinguished by an inventive cuisine in which techniques and flavours from different cultures are combined, guaranteeing a result that is worthy of the most sybaritic palates.

The different spaces that make up the Monkey Club combine well, with two separate but complementary dining rooms that also communicate with the open kitchen and the elegant backlit onyx bar to create an atmospheric place with its own look and feel.

Through the professionalism of an entire team, they have managed to create unique experiences for their guests, cementing their status in the city. “Our intimate and tropical setting offers a truly unique and authentic place where every desire is anticipated and every expectation is exceeded,” say the founders. And the truth is that to enter the world of the Monkey Club is to step into a true tropical paradise where you will be the real protagonist.

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Top 4 places to taste and enjoy in Marbella

One of Marbella’s landmarks has been recognised since the 1970s as a city where the world’s jet-set came to party. That’s why, when you Google Marbella, the first thing you find are famous faces from the golden age of Hollywood in places like Puente Romano, Marbella Club, Olivia Valere, etc. And over time, the faces have changed, but the magic of Marbella’s nightlife continues to be exclusive and full of luxury.

To finish our list, we leave you with one of the most popular places to start the night in Marbella:


4. La Suite

Top 4 places to taste and enjoy in Marbella A bold place to see and be seen.

La Suite, one of the hottest nightclubs in the city, is a place where people fight to get in. The venue has a lively but classy atmosphere and is frequented by beautiful people. Open until the early hours of the morning, this club is the perfect place to party into the night. They have many resident DJs, plus guest DJs who come in from time to time.

The Suite Club is located in the Puente Romano Hotel, and is open all year round from Wednesday to Saturday. It is a lounge and nightclub. With a fabulous fusion restaurant and decorated like a Middle Eastern souk, it is one of the best nightclubs in Marbella.

Friendly, efficient service and top DJs on the decks attract the crowd from all over Marbella.  The suite caters for all age groups and plays a variety of music throughout the night.  The cool kids are very cool. Excellent service, chill out music and dancing.

A unique concept combining a restaurant and a lounge has turned the Suite into one of the best restaurants in Marbella. Its Asian-inspired fusion cuisine and relaxed, exotic atmosphere guarantee an unparalleled dining experience. The best music is a fundamental part of the Suite’s concept, which reaches its peak after midnight, when the best international DJs get all the attention. No wonder the Suite has become one of the best nightclubs in the city. The epicentre and meeting point of Marbella’s high society.

Kalinka Hermann | 09/Sep/2021

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