Easter Week in Marbella

Easter Week in Marbella

At the heart of the Costa del Sol, Marbella transforms during Easter Week, offering an unrivalled experience that fuses tradition, spirituality and the unique Mediterranean lifestyle. This celebration, rooted in centuries of history and tradition, turns Marbella into a stage where the sacred and the profane intertwine under the Andalusian sun, reflecting the vibrant cultural tapestry of this region.

Easter Week in Marbella is a spectacle for the senses, with processions winding through its cobbled streets, enveloped in the scent of incense and orange blossom, and the sound of processional marches echoing against the walls of its old town. It is a time when the community and visitors come together to witness the passion and devotion of its inhabitants, a tradition that attracts people from all over the world, eager to experience its magic.


History of the Easter Week in Marbella

The celebration of Easter Week in Marbella, as in the rest of Andalusia, is an impressive fusion of faith, art and culture that dates back centuries. Rooted in Catholic tradition, Marbella’s Easter Week reflects the devotion and community spirit of its inhabitants who, year after year, come together to commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

From its humble beginnings, Marbella’s Easter Week has evolved into an event of profound spiritual and social significance, attracting the faithful and the curious both locally and from around the world. The cofradías, brotherhoods founded for the purpose of organising these religious events, play a crucial role in the preparation and staging of the processions that characterise this week of reflection and celebration.

The pasos, magnificent works of religious art depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ and the Virgin Mary, are carried on the shoulders of the costaleros through the streets of Marbella, creating a spectacle of faith and tradition that captivates all those present. Marbella’s Easter Week is not only a manifestation of popular religiosity, but also a cultural event that stands out for its beauty, solemnity and the undoubted commitment of the community.

Paso Semana Santa


Easter Week activities in Marbella

Easter Week in Marbella is a display of culture, faith and tradition. During this time of the year, the city dresses up in solemnity and devotion, offering locals and visitors a variety of activities ranging from impressive processions to cultural workshops and community events.

The streets of Marbella become the main stage for the processions, where religious images, accompanied by bands of music, walk through the old town, creating an atmosphere of introspection and celebration. Easter Week is also an exceptional opportunity to enjoy the local gastronomy in the many bars and restaurants that offer special menus for the occasion.

For those interested in culture and art, Marbella organises exhibitions and concerts that enrich the cultural offerings of the city during these days. It is a time of the year when the community comes together to share and live the tradition together, making Marbella even more special.

Experience Easter Week in Marbella, where tradition meets luxury, and discover why this celebration attracts people from all over the world, looking to be part of something truly unique.


Itinerary of the Easter processions in Marbella

Marbella’s Easter Week comes alive with the itineraries of the thrones and pasos, a spectacle of devotion that runs through the historic streets of the city, offering spectators and devotees moments of deep emotion and reflection. These processions, which take place from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, are the heart of Easter Week, showcasing the art and faith of the Marbella community.


  • Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos): The beginning of Easter Week is marked with processions symbolising Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It is ideal to experience the beginning of these festivities in an atmosphere of hope and joy.
  • Easter Thursday (Jueves Santo) y Good Friday (Viernes Santo): These days present the most solemn and emotional itineraries, highlighting the sacrifice and passion of Christ. The streets are filled with silence and respect, interrupted only by the saetas that are launched in honour of the pasos.
  • Easter Saturday (Sábado Santo) y Easter Sunday (Domingo de Resurreción): Easter Week reaches its climax with the celebration of the Resurrection, a time of jubilation and spiritual renewal, reflected in the vibrant processions that light up the city.

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Where to see the Easter processions in Marbella?

Processions can be seen along the main routes in the centre of Marbella, especially around the old town, where the historic surroundings add a unique atmosphere to the experience. For those seeking a more exclusive view, some luxury properties offer privileged views of the routes, allowing residents and visitors to experience Easter Week in an intimate and comfortable way.

Marbella Old Town


The Influence of Easter Week on the Marbella Luxury Real Estate Market

Easter Week in Marbella is not just a manifestation of faith and culture; its celebration has a palpable impact on the region’s luxury real estate market. This emblematic springtime event attracts national and international visitors, many of whom are captivated by the beauty and dynamism of Marbella and are considering purchasing a residence in this exclusive enclave.

Buyer Attraction

Experiencing Easter Week can be a deciding factor for potential buyers looking not only for a luxury property but also a place with a rich cultural tradition and vibrant community life. Properties overlooking the processions or located close to the main routes of the pasos become especially desirable, offering a unique experience of this profound spiritual and cultural event from the comfort of home.

Added Value for Properties

Properties that allow their occupants to enjoy the Easter Week festivities from a privileged perspective gain added value. The ability to offer an immersive experience of local culture without leaving home is a luxury in itself, increasing the market appeal of these properties.

Impact on Holiday Rentals

During Easter Week, demand for luxury holiday rentals experiences a notable increase. Visitors looking to enjoy the festivities in an exclusive and comfortable environment seek properties that combine luxury with tradition. This presents an excellent opportunity for owners in the luxury holiday rental sector to maximise their profitability during this time of year.



Easter Week is more than just a holiday; it is an event that enriches Marbella’s cultural and social offerings, making it an even more attractive destination for those interested in the luxury real estate market. Engel & Völkers Marbella understands this unique synergy between culture, tradition and luxury, offering its clients not just a property, but a gateway to a lifestyle enriched by Marbella’s rich cultural tapestry.

Carlos Manso | 25/Mar/2024

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