Marbella Hotel Don Miguel reopens its doors as a Luxury Resort

After being closed up for nearly a decade, the iconic Marbella Hotel Don Miguel seems to have had its path smoothed towards reopening as a luxury five star resort.

Don Miguel Hotel, Marbella

The Arabic capital investment group, which purchased the hotel last year, has taken the first steps to ensure that one of the flagship icons of tourism on the Costa del Sol returns to feature in the most exclusive holiday guides. Assuming that all the necessary deadlines are met, 2015 has been set as the date when the hotel could reopen its doors to the public. The promoters of the new hotel have set in motion the necessary processes to obtain licenses and are tying up the loose ends of the final project, hoping to be able to put the construction work to public tender between January and February of next year.

Financial solvency and international experience will be two of the main factors taken into account when the time comes to select a construction company for the project. The international capital investments group Magna Hotels & Resorts hopes to create nearly 1,500 jobs during construction of the new hotel, which is planned to start in the first quarter of 2014. In a recent press release they calculate that, once the establishment is open, around 600 permanent jobs will be created.

Smadar Kahana | Managing Director | 19/Dec/2013

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