New Private Residences 2017-2 catalogue

The first half year of 2017 has been a record period for the sale of properties in the best locations in Marbella and in light of the continuing high demand; it is on track to be the best year since 2007. A growing number of contemporary properties are offered for sale, but still not enough to meet the high demand for such properties as these are selling very quickly.

New Private Residences 2017-2 catalogue

In addition, there is an exceptionally high demand for properties with a renovation potential, not only from the international clientele already living in Marbella, but also from a growing number of international developers who are starting to transfer their future projects to Marbella in light of the much better potential upside in the marketplace compared with the potential in their homelands. All of this translates into present buyers being able to find many new developments already on the market or coming on the market soon. E&V, as one of the World’s leading companies, offers a unique selection of properties and investment opportunities, as well as the highest, professional, tailor-made service and advice for the purchase of your new home.

We take this opportunity to present you with a new Private Residences 2017-2 catalogue and look forward to welcoming you in one of our shops in Marbella. A luxury home in the sun should not be only a dream!

Smadar Kahana | Managing Director | 11/Sep/2017

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