Private Residences 2017-1 – New beautiful properties in Marbella

Marbella has seen a strong interest from international buyers since decades. Offering the best climate in Europe, with 320 sunny days a year, beautiful beaches, fantastic 5 star hotels and various beach clubs, as well as a modern infrastructure with international schools, modern hospitals and all the necessary amenities on offer to the international clientele either for a vacation, as a second home or for permanent living.

Private Residences 2017-1 - New beautiful properties in Marbella

For the European buyers, Marbella has been the main second home destination in Europe. The proximity of a flight timeframe of approx. 2 hours from most of the European main cities, make a second home in Spain so attractive and reachable for long weekends, as well as for winter vacations. In the past year we have seen even an increased demand and assume that one of the reasons is that Spain is also considered a safe destination.
In general, we are expecting the real estate market in Marbella to continue to see a stable demand for holiday homes in 2017.

We take this opportunity to present you with a new Private Residences 2017-1 catalogue of beautiful properties, and for more information, we look forward to welcoming you in one of our shops!

Smadar Kahana | Managing Director | 21/Feb/2017

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